Vijf punten van enigheid

vrijdag 23 juli 2004 14:20

Onstaande punten zijn het beginsel waarop de nieuwe fractie Onafhankelijken/Democraten is gebaseerd. De groep bestaat uit 37 leden uit Nederland, Polen, Tsjechië, Italië, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Griekenland, Groot-Brittannië en Zweden.

Political platform

Group Independence / Democracy


The Group is open to Members that subscribe to a Europe of Sovereign Nation States and acknowledge the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and parliamentary democracy.

Ind/Dem subscribes to the following programme:

  1. Rejection of the European Constitution
  2. Convinced that the legitimate level for democracy lies with the nation states and their parliaments since there is no such thing as a single European people. The Ind/Dem Group opposes any European Constitution, as it would exacubate the present undemocratic and centralist political structure of the EU. The Ind/Dem Group demands that the proposed Constitution be submitted to the peoples’ vote through free and fair national referenda in the member states.

  3. No to a European superstate
  4. Favouring an open, transparent, democratic and accountable co-operation between sovereign European states, the Ind/Dem Group strongly rejects the creation of a single European superstate.

  5. Respect for traditional and cultural values

Peoples and nations have the right to define and protect their own traditional, ethical and cultural values. The Ind/Dem Group rejects xenophobia, antisemitism and any other form of discrimination.

4. Democracy, freedom and co-operation between sovereign states

Committed to the principles of democracy, freedom and co-operation between nation states, the Ind/Dem Group rejects the centralisation and bureaucratisation of Europe.

5. Respect for national differences and interests: Freedom of votes

Agreeing on embodying these principles in its proceedings, the Ind/Dem Group respects the freedom of its delegations to vote as they see fit.

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