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Vision House of Representatives elections 2012

It is difficult to deny that we are facing a deep debt crisis and an economic downfall. This election programme will address these issues. But these elections are about more than only a Financial crisis, or a wavering economy. This crisis is about more than money and goods, about more than work, income or housing. The dissatisfaction about Europe is about more than the Euro and the Financial support given to unstable nations.

These elections are about people made of flesh and blood. They are about our parents, our children, our neighbours. They are about the teacher of the local school, the nurse and the doctor in our home town, they are about our employers and our employees. They are about ourselves, our way of communal living and our mutual interaction.

We are people. We are created in Gods image. And we are about more than only money and possessions. We desire more than only an affordable house, but most of all we desire protection and security. We desire more than a job with a decent salary, but most of all appreciation and possibilities to develop our talents. We desire more than a government merely paying attention to the Euro, but above all a society which provides an environment where we are given space, are heard and where the weak are protected. We do not want a society which tells us what to do every step of the way, but we want the freedom to take our own responsibility and make our own choices. We do not want a world where we ourselves may be rich, but most of all we want a world in which we look out for each other and which is liveable for our children.

Here we stand in the year 2012 at a crossroads in the history of our nation and of Europe. We are confronted with problematic cases that have far reaching consequences.

Christians let themselves be inspired by the Bible when searching for answers. Because the Bible also deals with matters of society and community. The Bible therefore also deals with politics because it deals with the dealings of people in times of crisis. The Bible offers clear paths to choose, paths that lead to compassion and justice. Choosing that path often means radically changing the status quo. Usually that is not easy, but most certainly not uncommon. The God portrayed in the Bible does not adhere to the status quo or leaving everything the way it is. The gospel acts like a mirror which can show us the error of our ways, and it concludes that we have to change.

At the same time the gospel is a message of hopeful freedom for the future. God has compassion for this world, He loves us and he protects the weak. He invites us to follow the lead of Jesus Christ and spread that compassion through our deeds. That has been work full of blessing and it has changed the world. That effort has lead in our history – despite the human errors and black pages – to a fight against slavery, forced prostitution, drug addiction, poverty, social injustice, indecent housing and crises near and far, both in our community and politics.

The ChristenUnie wants to add on to that legacy. We want to stand for a free community, a durable economy, a servient and just government, protection of vulnerable live and care for each other and God’s creation. That is why we are present at every level of government when decisions are made. This is how we aim to practice what we preach, to stand for the values we hold sacred, and to give our heart a voice. We do not run away from our responsibility to solve the crisis.

That is the reason why the ChristenUnie maintains its radical stance against the deep crisis Europe and The Netherlands face. The last thing that we must do is maintaining the status quo, which has led to the present debt crisis. We spent more money than we received and resolve debts by acquiring more debts. Too often short term profit prevailed. By gaining a little more wealth we polluted the air, water and earth. We abandoned the relationship between economy and ecology. We focused on the short term gains, and neglected to provide quality long term care. The real estate market has been neglected by the political parties, and has completely stagnated. The European Union has brought much wealth to the continent, but structural flaws and wrong choices have come into a harsh and unforgiving light.

It is not possible to leave everything as it has been. If we choose that option, the pattern of conduct that has led to the crisis. The promise that everything will get back to the way it used to be is not only an empty promise, but will lead to another crisis.

What we need is a fundamental change, and that change is the central theme of this programme.

We cannot let this crisis pass without actively working for a structural social change.

The changes the ChristenUnie wants to implement is first and foremost not to reduce personal responsibility, but to foster a strong sense of personal responsibility. This we want to extend to Europe. The solution for the European crisis is not the leap forward to more European involvement, but less involvement and a qualitative Europe. We want to foster chances for young adults and that is why we want to invest in youth, family and education. We want to make health care affordable and thoroughly involved in the social network. We want to fight for jobs, with the full realisation that companies and employers are the ones offering jobs. We want a green and strong economy, in which entrepreneurship and working hard are rewarded. We want to create a free real estate market, where affordable homes are offered to those in need. We want to work for a society which pays off debts and where we do not resign ourselves by watching people become jobless. We stand for a society where people are not merely numbers for a bureaucracy, but where we are valuable people able to help each other, and look out for each other. We accept that the government has to be a small entity, with a limited scope, paving the way for citizen participation. It will mean that there is room for many different religious institutions and associated schools, broadcasting companies and care facilities. It is a fundamental change from ‘I’ to ‘We’.

This approach chosen by the ChristenUnie is crystallised in seven fundamental changes:

  1. Society: free and responsibility
  2. Youth: skillful and promising
  3. Health Care: involved and affordable
  4. Labour Market: balanced and accessible
  5. Real Estate Market: healthy and just
  6. Economy: green and strong
  7. Europe: less and better

The ChristenUnie wants to be there for all people. This motivates us to commit in full realisation that Christians enrolled in politics are part of a movement of Christians that are part of a Christian movement involved in many aspects of society who want to express their faith in a practical manner. They do not reserve their faith for the Church of within the confines of the home. They want to be active and are prepared to take responsibility for the governing of our nation so changes can and will happen.

Join us!

Read more about this in our election programme.