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The ChristenUnie is an extraordinary party with a unique sound. In our country we are privileged to have the opportunity to pursue biblically inspired politics. There are just few countries worldwide where Christians have such opportunities. Maybe the electoral system or the overall lack of freedom of religion or believe deny Christians of such possibilities. As stated in our mission statement, ChristenUnie wants to help transform our societies according to Gods will. Our first political responsibility is geared towards The Netherlands but our aspirations for a fair and free society do not stop at our own borders. That is exactly why we are politically active at EU level where we cooperate with the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). Whenever and wherever Christians have the same mission as ChristenUnie; we want to support and learn from them. We like to get in touch with them to strengthen the impact of biblically inspired politics. With regards to enhancing both democratic values as well as dialogue between different foreign political partners we can count on the input of the Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy (NIMD). ChristenUnie is represented in its Advisory Board.


Foundation for International Christian Democratic Development

The Foundation for International Christian Democratic Development (FICDD) is a ChristenUnie foundation. We support political parties and groups that practice politics according to biblical values and Christian social thinking. We offer training and education to our political sister-parties and organizations and encourage Christians to become politically active in their societies. We believe that by doing so we can contribute to the development of political parties and therefor to the development of democracies in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA-region).


FICDD partners are political parties and civil society organizations that aim at strengthening Christian democratic values in their countries. Driven by the needs our local partners have and know best, we offer them the freedom and responsibility to develop their own programs. We mainly work with the countries that border Eastern-Europe (pre-accession countries) and countries in the MENA-region. FICDD also cooperates with ECPM, a European political party of which ChristenUnie has been a member since it was founded. FICDD is kindly allowed to use the speakers network of ECPM and from time to time we find new partners through their network as well.