Association of councillors

Association of councillors

The association of councillors has the aim to support the elected politicians. They would like to help the politicians to make an effective and consistent political message on behalf of the ChristianUnion, according to the Foundation, the Founding Declaration, the Programme and the mission of the ChristianUnion. The association tries to achieve this by organising activities, by stimulating exchange and shaping of opinions, and give individual advices.

In short:

1.Annually two member meetings, often with a specific theme

2.A conference for all politicians once a year

3.Regional meetings for and by Mayor and Aldermen

4.A study and contact day for provincial councillors and their supporting parliamentary party once or twice a year

5.An annual gathering with the members of the council and aldermen from the bigger-size cities

6.Regional theme days on account of current regional governmental discussions

Opinion and advice

1.Individual advices to politicians

2.Internal websites and digital news letters

3.Yearly five editions of the study magazine ‘DenkWijzer’ (ThinkSmarter). One member of the association is on behalf of the politicians in the editorial staff. ‘DenkWijzer’ is taken care of by the Research Institute

Assistance and communication

1.A database of politicians and their competences

2.Platform Decentralized Management

3.Courses, coaching and conflict conciliation

4.Advising during the elections

5.The national party office takes care of the financial and member administration of the Party