Overview history

The ChristenUnie is founded on January 22, 2000. A new party, but with a rich history.

  • The ChristenUnie builds on the knowledge of great thinkers in the christian tradition like Augustine, Luther and Calvin.
  • The ChristenUnie is in the line of tradition of Mr. Groen van Prinsterer (1801-1876) an advocate for politics and education based on biblical principles.
  • In 1879 the Anti Revolutionary Party (ARP) is founded by Abraham Kuyper, the ARP is the first Christian political party of the Netherlands.
  • In 1948 the Reformed Political Alliance (Gereformeerd Politieke Partij, GVP) is founded by reformed Christians.
  • In 1975, the growing distrust about the course of the CDA (largest Dutch Christian-democratic party) results in the founding of Reformed Political Federation (Reformatorische Politieke Federatie, RPF).
  • Between the years of 1990 and 2000 the contacts between the GPV and RPF intensify.
  • On January 22, 2000 the delegates of both the GPV and RPF agree with a political fusion: the ChristenUnie is born.
  • On November 8 2003, the delegates of both GPV and RPF choose to dissolve their parties and go on together as the ChristenUnie.

A new party with a rich history of thought.
The message of Christian politics is still up to date and relevant.